One of the cool things about ITBOOST is that it uses your integrated PSA Software to start automatically mapping your data. 

Neat, huh?

Here’s a good ConnectWise field mappings article that gets into specifics, if you're interested.

Syncing of Company and Configurations Records

Thankfully, ITBOOST will sync with most of the fields companies and configurations record. When you have fields listed with Type and Status, ITBOOST will sync it!

Each time you add a Company or Configuration record into your PSA and assign it a Type or Status field, ITBOOST adds a new record. 

If the Name, Type and Status are all unchanged, the record will just sync with the existing record to reflect any changes. It’s pretty easy!

Syncing Contacts and Locations from PSA

Another awesome aspect of ITBOOST is that your contacts and locations automatically sync by default

Plus, whenever you add a new contact or location record into your PSA, ITBOOST automatically syncs them, too! And, if it finds an existing record with an identical field entry, ITBOOST syncs with the existing one, giving preference to the PSA when mapping the info. 

Two-Way Syncing

You’ll love this. Two-Way Syncing lets you add records, such as contacts, locations, configurations, etc., and ITBOOST will INSTANTLY push the additions through to your PSA! How cool is that?!

You can also edit existing records, but make sure you toggle Two-Way Syncing off beforehand. 

However, it will not push record changes which were added locally into ITBOOST, nor will it make changes to data imported before you enabled this option. This is a safety feature that prevents incorrect record updates and duplicate records. 

To get those edits to sync, toggle Two-Way Syncing off, make the edit, then toggle Two-Way Syncing back on to individually sync the edited records. 

Want to know more? Check out this “Two Way Syncing” article.

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