So, you want to know if you can integrate Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) with ITBOOST?

Ready for some good news? YES, you absolutely can! And it’s really easy, too. Here’s how! 

  1. In ITBOOST, visit the Integrations page. It’s under the gear-shaped Toolkit

  2. Select LDAP Windows Server.

  3. Here, you’ll enter your connection URL. e.g. ldap://

  4. Enter the Domain Username and Password for the user that you need to authenticate the LDP by. (We allow user name without "Domain\")

  5. Now, we’ll need to enter both your Primary DN and your Secondary DN from a Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN). If your domain is Contoso.local, the Primary DN is local and the Secondary DN is Contoso.

  6. Optional: You may also be required to enter your Private key for authentication and further remote connections. Make sure you have that handy, if applicable.

  7. Finally, enter your Organization Unit (OU) details. e.g. Users (by default this is Users but it might differ based on Active Directory structure)

  8. Click the Save icon.

WHOOPS! Are you still unable to connect due to a pesky firewall? Not a problem. We can fix that. 

Opening Ports and Whitelisting Server IP(s)

1. First, let’s open your firewall program.

2. We need to add a rule to allow certain domains through. Find where you can Add a Rule, Add a URL, or Add an Exception to your firewall program. It may also be under Whitelist

3. Once you’re there, add the appropriate server URL(s) which apply to you:

  • America users:

  • Australia users:

  • Europe users:

4. You should also add the following ports: 

  • TCP 636

  • TCP 389 AND UDP 389

  • TCP 3268

  • TCP 3268

  • TCP 3269

5. If applicable, click Save

That’s it! Congrats, you’re all done here.

You’ve done it! Way to go, you. 

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