Well, apparently it’s not just kids who have to deal with “Time-Out.”

For security purposes, there may be several reasons your session may time out. If it’s happening to you, here’s why:

User Inactivity

It’s pretty simple: if John Q. User steps away from his desk for a few minutes, it gives an unscrupulous character a chance to jump into his account and do things they shouldn’t be doing. We don’t want that. So – if our buddy John spends too long in the restroom, at the water cooler, or catching his coworkers up on the latest episode of Game of Thrones, the system will automatically log him out. So, when he gets back to his desk, he’ll have to log back in. 

Hey, serves him right for dishing out spoilers, right?  

Same User/Different Device

Suppose you’re working on something in ITBOOST, and it’s time to head home for the day. You decide to finish up your work on your walk to your car.

As soon as you log into ITBOOST with your phone or tablet, anywhere else you might be logged in will automatically be logged out. This is another security measure. So, if you find yourself getting kicked-off due to another sign-in on a different device, that means you’ve either found a way to time-travel from a different era, or else someone is logging in from somewhere else and pretending to be you. In that case, we’ve got problems. Let us know ASAP.  

Other Reasons

If you keep getting kicked off and you’re pretty certain it’s not due to any of the above issues, it might be due to one of the following reasons:

Incorrect Date or Time – since your account login uses things like cookies and tokens, it won’t play nice with a computer whose date is incorrectly set. Make sure your computer’s date and time aren’t set to 3am of February 1964 or something.

Cookie Rejection – no, this doesn’t mean slamming the door in a Girl Scout’s face. Some web browsers are just set to reject cookies. Just make sure cookie support is enabled. No milk required.

Security which Overrides Cookies – some security programs are set to automatically keep cookies out. Think of your account as an all-exclusive club, and this is the bouncer. Just make sure ITBOOST is whitelisted in your security program, and then we’ll be on “the list”. Bye-bye bouncer.

Clearing Cache and Cookies - If you know for a fact that cookies are enabled in your browser, and you’re still getting “Session Expired,” you may just need to clear your browsers cache and cookies, then try logging in again. Here’s how to do that.

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