If you have a picture in your mind of how you want things to look, behave, and function, no one can build that quite like you can. 

So, we've given you the power to create, and we've tried to make it as easy as possible.

Here's how to build your own custom templates:

1.  Log in to ITBOOST.  (Need help? Click here!)

2. The top of your ITBOOST screen should look similar to this:

3. See that gear-shaped Toolkit icon next to your Avatar? Click that!

4. A dropdown menu will appear. 

5. Click Custom Templates.

Here, you have access to import whichever pre-made templates you like (we have given you 26 templates to choose from. Once you’ve imported them, you can also edit and change them to your liking.

Importing Existing Templates

In the lower-right corner, click the Import Template button to start the process.

You should know that these templates are only meant to be an example of what the templates might look like. If you're just starting out, it's a good idea to import the templates you like, then just get started. 

If you decide you want to change the template layout by adding, deleting, or updating fields, just click Edit and make it look any way you like.

Creating Templates from Scratch

If you feel like you know just how you want things to look (or at least a close proximity thereof), click on the Add New button. 

You’ll see list of all the available custom fields you can add to the form.

Before we can do anything, we'll have to start adding Layout Components. You can drag-and-drop however many columns you want so you can build it out the way you like. 

Below, we've added 1 Column, then 2 Columns underneath, and 4 Columns beneath that. We are also dragging-and-dropping another 1 Column below the others.

Now, you can drag-and-drop in Form Components to each column.

Most of these are pretty self-explanatory, but if you like to learn more about the field types, check this out.

This was designed to be fun to build, so -- have fun with it!

Need some more help? Click here to head back to the knowledgebase for some more handy-dandy tips.

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