Let's take a quick look at how to enable an alternative Company Dashboard:

1.  Log in to ITBOOST.  (Need help? Click here!)

2. The top of your ITBOOST screen should look similar to this:

3. See that gear-shaped Toolkit icon next to your Avatar? Click that!

4. A dropdown menu will appear. 

5. Locate Advanced Settings and click it!

Now you'll see a bunch of different options with an icon directly to the right of each. 

Clicking each individual icon will allow you to use that option.

Click on the Change Company Dashboard View icon.

Note: This Change Company Dashboard View option will appear in Advanced Settings if you will integrated with ConnectWise Manage PSA or no integration with any PSA. In case of AutoTask, this option will not appear.

Default Company Dashboard

Alternative Company Dashboard

By switching things here, Ticket Statistics and Customer Feedback Widgets are now replaced with Client Overview and Support Scope Summary widgets.

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