By default, the folder structures in ITBoost are the same for the Global and Company knowledgebases. When both Global and Company toggles are off, the same folder hierarchy appears for all companies as well as the Global dashboard. Changes to one folder are enacted for all companies and the global dashboard. However, ITBoost allows you to create separate folder structures for the Global and Company structures so that changes only affect individual folders. 

When you first enable one of these settings the current folder hierarchy is removed. All existing folder hierarchies disappear from the Company or Global structures. You need to define new folder hierarchies and move articles to the new structure. If you disable the settings, the old hierarchy returns and any new articles are saved to an Uncategorized folder.

To separate the folder structures: 

1. Log in to ITBoost.  (Need help? Click here!)

2. The top of your ITBoost screen should look similar to this:

3. See that gear-shaped Toolkit icon next to your Avatar? Click that!

4. A drop-down menu appears. 

5. Locate Advanced Settings and click it!

6. Click Knowledgebase Settings.

7. Select the Global Knowledgebase toggle to remove the hierarchy currently used in the global dashboard and separate the Global structure from the Company structure.
8. Select the Company Knowledgebase toggle to remove the hierarchy currently used for companies and separate each company folder structure from the others.
9. Don't forget to click Save!

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