In your navigating around ITBOOST, you've more than likely seen the little bell in the upper-right hand corner of your company dashboard. 

If you haven't, it looks like this:

So, what's it for? No, it's not to remind you to pick up tacos on your way home. Although . . . mmm, tacos . . . wait, no. Stop that. We're thinking about ITBOOST now. Tacos later.

Quite simply put, this is your Notification icon. It's a collection of all notifications you've received.  These notifications correlate to the Watchlist.

Your Watchlist is a list of the companies you want to get notifications for whenever there is activity within that company. 

It's really easy to add a company to the Watchlist.

From your main dashboard, just click on (or search for) the company you want to add. Here, under our Global Favorite Companies, we'll click on Frolic Fox Studios.

That takes us to the company dashboard.

Now, see all those little colorful icons to the right of the company name? We want the one that looks like a crossed-out eye.

This guy right here:

Clicking on that eye removes the cross-out, meaning that it is now on the Watchlist. You can see the difference here:

Now, whenever you get a notification from any company on the Watchlist, they'll appear under the bell icon at the top of your screen!

If you don't have any yet, clicking the bell will just do this:

Great. Now we want tacos . . . 

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