Are you happy?

. . . with ITBOOST, specifically. Not asking for psychoanalytical purposes or anything. But we hope everything's good there, too.

But if you're having a beef with something ITBOOST is or isn't doing that you feel it should (or shouldn't) do, that's where our smiley face in the upper-right hand corner of your company dashboard comes into play.

It looks like this:

Despite how it may look, this is not an "Instant Happiness Button." If it were, we'd be in the Instant Happiness business rather than IT.

BUT, it can help you to be more happy. Especially when something's amiss.

See something weird in ITBOOST, or just have a question about something on your screen? Click that happy guy!

You'll have two options:

  • Tell us what you love...

  • Tell us how we can improve...

If it's something you're happy about, click the green happy face.
If it's something you're not-quite-so-happy about (or you have a suggestion), click the red not-quite-so-happy face.

That will take you to a feedback screen that looks similar to this:

Here, you can write anything you like. 

And what's that at the bottom?? Yes, that's a SCREEN SHOT of what you were just looking at! That way, we can see the same cool thing or weirdness which just prompted you to click the Feedback button! Cool, huh?

Well, unless you really don't want to submit a screenshot. In that case, you can un-check the Include Screen Shot checkbox, and boom -- the screen shot is on its way to oblivion!

Hopefully, this brings you some "Instant Happiness."

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