Don't you hate it when you lose your keys? 

. . . or your cell phone? Or your wallet/purse? Or your sunglasses?

Well, we do. That's why we've made it mega-easy to search for stuff here.

At the top of pretty much every screen in ITBOOST, there's a little magnifying glass with a few words next to it.

Have you noticed what those words say?

That's right. They say Type anywhere to search.

No, that doesn't mean you're supposed to type THE WORD "anywhere" in order to search!

It means -- so long as your cursor's not in a field, you can literally just start typing while you're on ITBOOST, and you'll start filling in a search field.

You can search within things like Companies, Contacts, Locations, SSL & Domain Tracker, Assets, Passwords, even in the Knowledgebase!

Here, let's search for one of our companies, Frolic Fox Studios:

As you can see below, we're just on the main ITBOOST dashboard. The mouse is in the middle of the screen.

We'll just start typing Frolic, and here's what happens:

Easy, right? This is, essentially, like standing in the middle of your house and saying, "Keys," and your keys instantly appear in your hand.

Yeah, that would be cool. Unfortunately, we haven't invented something that will do that yet, but in the meantime, we think this search function is pretty cool.

We hope you do, too.

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