This is one of those things that's so simple, it doesn't require instructions.

So! That being said, go ahead and do it! We'll wait.

. . . 

Oh, you really do need the instructions? Well then, let's just say it's so easy, you'll probably only have to hear it once to learn it forever.


Anyway, if you'd like to quickly search for a company within ITBOOST, you can use what we call the Side Pull. You can find it on practically any page in ITBOOST. Just look for those three lines in the upper-right hand corner.

Close up, it looks like this:

When you click it, something cool comes up:

Here are all your companies in a quick, convenient list. If you're working on something on ITBOOST and one of your clients calls, you can just click the side pull and pull them right up -- either by scrolling down and clicking on their name, or by using the Search Companies function. It's at the top of the Side Pull - the magnifying glass next to the plus sign.

Clicking Search Companies allows you to immediately find the company you need just by typing a portion of their company name.

See - here we wanted to find "Frolic Fox Studios", so we just typed "frolic" and there it is. 

This way, you can pull up any company you need to any time you need to! 

Yes, just one of the nifty tools available to you through ITBOOST. Kinda like the Add Company function.

But that's . . . another story.

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