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In case you haven't noticed yet, the environment we've created in ITBOOST is very different than typical environments in your everyday life:

  • You have everything you need

  • Help is always moments away

  • It doesn't let you down

And now, you can even change the structure in your Left Side Bar to customize it to your liking!

Yes, we know it would be nice if you could just as easily customize the walls of your house-- but remember, we're talking about ITBOOST now. Not your everyday life.

Here's how you can make those customizations:

1.  Log in to ITBOOST.  (Need help? Click here!)

Here, you'll see your Company Dashboard.

2. In the bottom-left corner, you'll see a button titled Customize Sidebar. Click it!

That will take you to this page:

Immediately, you’ll notice the Sections on the left side, and a multitude of Assets on the right! The Assets are divided into categories: Core Assets, Flexible Assets, and something new – Configuration Types

Your Core Assets are things like your main contacts, locations, configurations, passwords, domain trackers, knowledgebase articles, runbooks, things of that nature.

Your Flexible Assets are all the Custom Templates you’ve created!

At the bottom, you’ll find a new category: Configuration Types! These assets are automatically being pulled in for you from the PSAs with which you’re currently integrated. 

Now, rather than having all your configuration types appearing under Configurations, you can simply create sections and categories in which they can immediately appear!

For example: if we wanted to create a new section, we simply click Add New Section, then – we’ll name it whatever we want! 

Click the gear icon next to the default Section name, click Edit, and then name the section whatever you like. Then click Save.

Now that we have a new section, we can move any assets we want into it! This applies for any new section you want to create. 

You can create any type of section for any specific types of assets you want to create. Just remember to Name the new section appropriately, then Save the new name within each new category.  

FUN FACT: Don't immediately see what you want to add? You can search for it! In the upper-right corner, you'll find a Filter field. Just type whatever you're looking for here to quickly find it. Then, just drag-and-drop it into the new section.

Once you’ve created every new category you want to create, click the Save button in the upper-right corner to save all your changes. 

Now that you’ve saved everything, you’ll be automatically returned to your dashboard. Notice that all your new categories are now visible at the bottom of the Left Menu! You can now click on the carrots to expand each section and go directly to whichever asset you desire.

Another useful tool is the ability to move these new categories as you see fit. Just click on the Customize Sidebar button again, then drag the sections in the order you prefer. 

Also, you can click on the gear icon next to each default Section name and click Sort

Below, all our assets listed under "Core Assets" are now listed in alphabetical order!

Don’t forget to Save to keep those new changes!

ITBOOST will save all the changes you’ve made, and you’ll be able to use them this way until you decide, if ever, to change them again. Plus, whenever you make a change, it standardizes the changes across all clients! 

FUN FACT: you can still click on Configurations to see all your assets together, but now, if you wish, you can also only look at the ones brought in from your PSA in the certain categories you created for them!

Yes, it would be nice if real life were this customizable.  But then we'd all have mansions and drive our dream cars. Until then, you'll just have to be content with ITBOOST making your life more rewarding.

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