Have you ever built something from scratch?

Not like a model airplane where all the pieces are already there, and all you have to do is put them together, no no no. That's not "from scratch."

That's like making biscuits from a can and saying they're "from scratch."

No, we mean like -- going to the store and buying some raw materials, then crafting them into what you want it to be. You touch and you tweak and you perfect and you KEEP working on every little detail.

People often commend you on your work and say, "It's great! When will it be done?"

The answer is often, "It will never be done."

That's often because you KEEP thinking of new and better ways to do things with your creation. Improve this, add that, make this better, adjust that to work better.

Folks -- that's what ITBOOST is to us. 

We KEEP working on it, making it more helpful, more efficient, more effective. We just can't stop. It's all-consuming. We may very well have a problem for which we may ultimately need to see a doctor.

Until then, we'll keep adding improvements . . . like the icons on our Main Navigation Bar.

Here's what to expect:


This quickly and easily takes you back to your main dashboard, regardless of where you may be in ITBOOST at the moment. It's kind of like clicking a "Home" button.


Clicking this immediately takes you to a list of your files within your knowledgebase. It's a pretty handy tool when you need to quickly find something.


A simple-yet-detailed list of all the companies and clients within your database. A great reference tool!


Here is where you can view business intelligence on tickets, such as acknowledgments, status, priority, and how long they stayed open. 


This page is great when you need to have a quick look at all the backups recently performed. It includes charts and graphs with all the information you need.


This is, essentially, how you're doing in your clients' eyes. You can statistically see how you're being reviewed and the overall happiness of the companies you service. 

FUN FACT: These links are static, meaning you can see them practically anywhere on ITBOOST, so you can click on them when you need them!

Need some more help? Click here to head back to the knowledgebase for some more handy-dandy tips.

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