When you hear the word "Dashboard," what do you think of?

Many folks think of a car since all cars have dashboards. (Well, if yours doesn't, you probably drive an exceptionally unusual car.)

Anyway, assuming your car actually DOES have an actual dashboard . . . what all do you usually find on one? Dials, lights, indicators . . . everything you need right in front of you to be able to make decisions, see how things are going with your car, and tend to issues as needed.

That's essentially what you get with your individual company dashboards on ITBOOST - everything right in front of you.

Let's check it out! 

From your main dashboard, just click on (or search for) the company you want to add. Here, under our Global Favorite Companies, we'll click on Frolic Fox Studios.

That takes us to the company dashboard.

Obviously, there's lots of info here. But, as this is just an overview, we'll just briefly walk you through what you can find here:


One of the first things you'll notice is the colorful icons to the immediate right of the company name. We'll start in the top-left corner and go clockwise to talk about each:

Tags: Click the tag to add tags to the company. This can help you with categorizing companies together in many different and useful ways.

Edit Company: The pencil icon allows you to quickly make edits to the company's name, address, status and other pertinent info.

Add to Watchlist: Clicking the eye icon immediately adds this company to your Watchlist, and therefore, to your notifications. Click here for more on that.

Mark Favorite: Click this heart icon on each of the companies you work with the most often. This adds them to your Favorites list.

Synced with PSA: if you see this compass rose icon, that means this company is syncing with your PSA.

Beyond this, you can also find information on each company like:

  • A Company Overview, including Address, phone, email, contact name, their Account Team, how they are tagged, any quick notes about the company your team members have added, and the existing agreements between your companies

  • Statistics on the company, such as tickets, assets, and expirations

  • Details on each open ticket¬†

  • Data on Feedback the company has received

  • Favorites of the company, such as specific assets and documents

With many of these dashboard items, you can find an Expand icon in the upper-right corner of each which allows you to to get more granular and see more detail on the section of your interest.

See? Just like a car, it tells you everything you need for a smooth ride.

Just . . . don't drop french fries between the seats, huh? We just got this thing detailed.

Need some more help? Click here to head back to the knowledgebase for some more handy-dandy tips.

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