Remember how we talked about those tabs on the Global Dashboard? The ones that group categories into separate heads-up displays?

No? You don't remember this?

Yeah! Those tabs! 

Well, suppose we told you that you could actually MAKE your own tabs? And name them? AND pick the icon to go along with them?

Nifty, eh?

Here's how:

1.  Log in to ITBOOST.  (Need help? Click here!)

2. The top of your ITBOOST screen should look similar to this:

3. See right under the ITBOOST logo, where it says Main Dashboard, HUD Tickets, and HUD Assets? Those are your tabs!

So let's suppose you want another tab? Easy peasy. See that Add Tab icon right next to HUD Assets?

Yep, that one. Click it! 

And here we are.

Here, you can name your new tab anything you like. 

Once that's done, you have some options. Click the drop-down arrow at the right-end of Options to see. They are:

  • Add Blank Tab - which lets you build a new tab from scratch

  • Copy Default Tab - which lets you build a new tab out of one of the native tabs (HUD Tickets or HUD Assets)

  • Copy Existing Tab - allows you to make a copy of a previous tab you created and use it as a foundation to build a new tab

  • Reopen Closed Tab - for when you've gotten rid of a tab you only thought you didn't need. Silly you. 

Now, once you've selected everything, just click the Save button, and Voila!

Now, click on the Gear icon again, and you'll be taken to a screen where you can add whatever widgets you like. Just find them in the drop-downs at the top of the screen, and place check marks by the ones you want!

This is all part of our efforts to help you to customize your dashboards the way you want it to look.

Need some more help? Click here to head back to the knowledgebase for some more handy-dandy tips. 

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