et's take a quick look at the various pieces of your individual company dashboards!

We'll take a quick peek at the Company Overview

It's the section you'll find on each Individual Company Dashboard that looks like this:

Basically, this shows the basic and pertinent info about the company. You'll find information on things like:

  • Location

  • Primary Contact

  • Account Manager

  • Account Ninja

Well, on the left side, anyway. We'll look at the right side in a minute.

We've made it quite easy to make changes these sections as needed. If you need to correct or update any of these fields, just hover over to them. A Pencil icon will appear in the upper-right corner.  

Click that pencil, and you'll be given the option to make changes from there.

Well that's all for the left side! See you next time!

. . . huh?

OH! Gosh, that's right. There's a RIGHT side too, isn't there? Silly us.

On the right side of the Company Overview, you'll find Quick Notes and Agreements. We'll take a look at both:


Again, we've made it very easy to add Quick Notes to each company. See that plus icon in the upper-right corner? Give that a click. 

You'll find yourself here:

You'll have four different fields to add important information about each client.

Note Summary

We know that it can sometimes be tricky to distinguish one note from another, so we've made this field so you can write a short, quick breakdown of what these specific notes entail.

Select Priority

Likewise, some notes are more (or less) important than others. Here you can indicate that.

Select Note Type

This allows you to select who you do (and don't) want to see the note:

  • Internal - only shown to internal users

  • External - visible to all users, including customers whom have been invited to view the dashboard


Here, you can type anything you want. But remember! If your Note Type is set to External, anyone could see it! So, don't say we didn't warn you.

FUN FACT: We've also added a little check box at the bottom called Show as popup. If you'd like the note to pop-up between certain dates to make sure your team is apprised of something while dealing with that client, this function will do that for you. Just click the check box, then select the dates. Once the date has passed, the automatic popup will disable itself!

And finally . . . 


While we'll never display the financial information, ITBOOST can pull agreements from Connectwise. 

If you need to view the agreement for your specific company, click on the appropriate one. You'll see something similar to this:

Here, you'll find: 

  • the name of the agreement

  • the type of agreement you're looking at

  • the best contact with whom to discuss this agreement

  • the date of the start of the agreement

  • what day the agreement will end

FUN FACT: Did you know you can even view expired agreements? Just click the Status icon in the upper-right corner to enable it. You can even expand the widget to make it larger by clicking the Expand icon Next to the Status icon!

And that, my friends, is your Company Overview widget. 

In a nutshell, anyway . . . 

Need some more help? Click here to head back to the knowledgebase for some more handy-dandy tips. 

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