You: "Hmm. I haven't heard about any concerns from anyone at Frolic Fox Studios lately. I wonder if they have any open tickets?" 

Thankfully, with ITBOOST, checking something like a client's Ticket Statistics is always only about five seconds away.

We've parked a widget on every individual Company Dashboard that lets you immediately see what's going on (and what's been going on) with each of your companies.

The Blue line indicates tickets which were opened, while the Green line indicates tickets which were closed. 

There's also a drop-down menu in the upper-right corner which lets you get info from as little as a week ago to as much as six months ago!

FUN FACT: Like other widgets with the same statistics at the bottom, you can click on the numbers at the bottom to get more specifics on the tickets of the companies listed there.

It's all here at your fingertips. At ITBOOST, that's our whole goal -- making your life easier!

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