That's really what it's all about, isn't it?

When you're in the service industry, it really doesn't matter what matters in the what you do, or how you do it.

What matters is -- in the end, are my customers happy?

If the answer's yes, then you've done your job. Keep it up!

If the answer's no, then you need to know that. As soon as possible. And we're here to help.

On each company dashboard in ITBOOST, you'll find a Customer Feedback widget. 

(Need some help getting to individual company dashboards? Have a quick look here.)

This widget will give you a quick overview of -- not really how you're doing -- but more importantly, how your clients THINK you're doing. 

There are FIVE categories here:

  • Impressive - The dark green happy face. This is your best score.

  • Good - The light green happy face. Almost perfect.

  • Okay - The blue neutral face. Not bad, but not good.

  • Bad - The orange frustrated face. You're one step away from a worst-case scenario.

  • Worst - The red sad face. The aforementioned worst-case scenario.

Clicking on each of these faces will give you a more in-depth look at who's made the feedback, including factors such as Ticket Numbers, Client Names, the Technician who handled the ticket, the Email address of the client, any additional Feedback they gave, and the date and time your company Last Responded to them.

So, make sure your clients are happy.

After all, happiness is what makes the world go 'round, right?

Metaphorically speaking. Not scientifically, of course.

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