Let's say a client calls and asks you to check the status of a ticket they submitted. 

It'd be really nice to have that information as quickly as possible, wouldn't it?

Your wish is our command.

Whenever you visit an Individual Company Dashboard, you'll immediately see a widget entitled, Ticket Details.

As you can see, here you'll immediately be able to see things like Ticket Numbers, a Ticket Summary, the ticket's Status , the Ticket Age, and the last time the ticket was Updated.

FUN FACT: You can see even more information on all the client's tickets by clicking the Ticket Details List icon in the upper-right corner.

Clicking on each individual ticket will provide you with even more in-depth information about each ticket.

Now, you can give your clients an immediate answer whenever they call. 

That makes you look good.

Which makes US look good.

. . . which makes you look smart for using ITBOOST.

. . . which you are.

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