Look, whether we want to admit it or not, we all have our favorites.

  • Our favorite restaurant

  • Our favorite TV show

  • Our favorite weekend activity

  • Our favorite specialty coffee

Hopefully, this favoritism doesn't extend to family members. But what it DOES extend to is favorite documents and favorite assets at one's workplace.

Certainly there are items in the office that people use more than other items. For example, you probably use your desktop computer more often than you use that daisy wheel printer from 1983 that's covered in cobwebs.

So, to help them to be more obvious, we've made two handy little widgets in each of your Individual Company Dashboards:

Clicking on the magnifying glass next to the assets will allow you to get a more granular look at details on that specific assets, such as its configuration, the device itself, its network, etc.

Clicking the magnifying glass next to the documents will give you a preview of the document itself. 

FUN FACT: if the Connect icon under Favorite Assets is red, you can connect to it remotely. If it is gray, you currently cannot.

The things that are used most by our clients are, logically, the ones which are most important to our clients. So it's nice to see which they use most often so we can ensure nothing goes wrong with them.

. . . and what's up with the daisy wheel printer, anyway?! Haven't you ever heard of line matrix? Jeesh, come into the 90's, at least!

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