Each client is different.

Some are easy. Some are difficult. Some are middle-of-the-road. But we're not just talking about personality. 

Some organizations have very general needs, while others have very specific needs. It's in the case of the latter than custom templates become the most useful.

We've already discussed how to create custom templates here. Now, let's discuss why.

As we've mentioned, each client is different, and as such, have different needs. And while some clients may have similar needs, some may have more specific needs.

Creating custom templates allows YOU to create custom forms to use with your customers, to decide what the entries on the forms say, and even let you pin them to your customers' individual dashboards on their left sidebar.

So, you have several clients with one particular type of servicing you need your team to ask them about each time they call? Just create a custom form template with the fields you want, then just attach the new custom form to your clients' lift sidebar. Now your team will know exactly what to ask or enter each time this subject comes up.

FUN FACT: If you create a custom template with one client in mind, but later determine it would also work well with other clients, you can use that same custom template for all of them! And when you make a change on the template, it standardizes the changes across all clients!
Each of your clients are specific. Now you have the power to give them the specific attention they deserve!

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