ometimes it's best to just take a look at the big picture.

When that comes to the companies you serve, that pretty much means taking a look at all of their configurations, or assets, you manage.

So, when you need to look at the big picture, we've made it quite easy to do so.

Take a look at the company dashboard for one of your clients:

See in the upper-left corner where it says Configuration? That's it! Give it a click.

Here, you'll see all of this particular client's configurations, with lots of specifics and metrics on things like:

  • Name / Product

  • Type

  • Expiration DateĀ 

  • Status

  • Asset Date

  • Maintenance Window

  • Asset Tag

  • Serial Number

  • Purchase Date

  • Installation Date

  • Purchased By

  • OS (Operating System)

  • OS Install Date

  • Router Address

  • Primary IP Address

  • Search Tags

There's also a static Actions field with icons:

  • The Edit icon allows you to go into each entry and make changes as needed

  • The Trash icon lets you delete the configuration altogether

  • The Compass Rose means this configuration is connected to Connectwise

You'll also find other icons in the upper-right corner:

  • The Select Columns icon lets you decide which columns of information will or will not show here.

  • The Saved Draft icon allows you to view any new items still in draft format. The red notification bubble will tell you how many drafts (if any) exist.

Once you have your configurations lists laid-out just the way you want them, you'll finally be able to look at the big picture with ease.

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