In order to get things done, you really need to know who you need to talk to.

If you needed to go to a bank to ask about a business loan, you COULD go to the teller, who redirects you to the floor manager, who introduces you to a loan specialist, who then reveals they're only specialized in residential loans, so then have to get you on the phone with a commercial loan specialist.

Wouldn't it have saved a lot of time and frustration just to get to talk to the commercial loan specialist first?

At ITBOOST, we want to save you as much time and frustration as we can. So, we've tried to make it easy as possible to let you be able to know whom at your clients' businesses you need to talk to about what

Here's how:

Take a look at the company dashboard for one of your clients:

See in the upper-left corner where it says Contacts? That's it! Give it a click.

Here, you'll see all of this particular client's contacts, with lots of specifics on things like:

  • Name

  • Email

  • Direct Phone 

  • Mobile Phone

  • Site

  • Department

  • Type (e.g., what decision-making power they have)

  • Gender

  • Search Tags

There's also a static Actions field with icons:

  • The Note icon allows you to jot down - as well as see past - notes about this particular contact 

  • The Trash icon lets you delete the contact altogether

  • The Mail icon allows you to send the contact an invitation with a role type you select

  • The Lock icon lets you lock or unlock this entry

  • The I.D. icon allows you to quickly view more of the contact's specific information and details, including your company's last dealings with them 

You'll also find other icons in the upper-right corner:

  • The Select Columns icon lets you decide which columns of information will or will not show here.

  • The Saved Draft icon allows you to view any new items still in draft format. The red notification bubble will tell you how many drafts (if any) exist.

So, bypass that teller! Say "adios!" to that floor manager! Ignore that loan specialist in the wrong department! Go STRAIGHT to the source and get that business loan!

. . . eh, or . . . information from your client. 

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