What is the definition of a "hero?"

  • Is it a guy who races out into traffic and saves you from getting creamed by a charging semi truck?

  • Is it someone who manages to stop a toilet from overflowing at the last second?

  • Is it someone who wears a form-fitting outfit and cape ensemble?

Well, maybe the first two. The third sounds kinda shady.

What about, when you have a hard drive that goes bad, someone who manages to restore a mega-hugely-humongo-important file you and your team have been working on for the past three months? A file that, if not for that person, would have just been lost to the ages. 

Is that a hero?

Then, my friends, prepare to take on that mantle and to wear it with pride.

At ITBOOST, we make it quite easy to immediately look through your clients' backup files to find the one they're totally freaking out over.

Take a look at the company dashboard for one of your clients:

See on the left sidebar where it says Backup? (No? Then click here to learn how to add it!)

That's it! Give it a click.

Don't see much here? That probably means you're not backing anything up yet. (And that's not very heroic of you!)

However, not only will all your added backups end up being listed here, you can also manually add a backup to be made, just by clicking Add New!

This button allows you to manually enter all of the backup information, including the destination path. 

You can fill this out to completion and save it, or -- if you don't have all the information, you can save it as a draft. 

Look in the lower-right corner. Notice there's an expansion arrow on the Save button? 

These allow you to:

  • Save

  • Save & Close

  • Save as Draft

  • Go Back to the Backups List

And there you have it - everything you need to be a hero.

*form-fitting outfit and cape ensemble sold separately.

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