Extras are what make things more helpful, useful, and fun, right?

Like, if you ever owned a car with manual locks, you know how lousy it was to always have to reach across the seat to unlock the passenger door to let someone in. Even worse if it was the door behind it in the back seat.

And don't get us started on if you had to unlock the back door behind you.

At ITBOOST, we hate inconvenience. That's why we added several little fun "bells n' whistles" to our lists. Just to make things easier for you.

Here are a few:

List Searching

One thing that's really nice when you have a short list is being able to immediately find the entry you're looking for. But if said list had, say 1,362 entries -- ALL on multiple pages and NONE of which are in any real particular order -- finding that ONE entry you need would be a pain, to say the least. So, we've added search fields to each column. Just type whatever you're looking for in the Name field, and there it is. Or, if you need a range of factors, just type them in the search fields in their appropriate columns, and you'll get a list of only what you're looking for.

Column Shuffle

No, this isn't the latest dance craze. It's just a way to allow you to customize your lists the way YOU want them to look. We've made it so you can drag-and-drop your columns to wherever you want them to be. 


What's most important to you? Seeing things in order of dates? Alphabetically? However you like it, you can sort your lists to be in the order of your choosing. Just click the heading of any column you want to sort by, and you can interchange between ascending and descending order. Again, it's up to what you like. 


Almost all lists have refresh buttons. This lets you see the absolute most up-to-date information in real-time. Just give this button a click, and if new info has been added, it'll pop up here.

Extras are almost always good. Well, unless you're invited to dinner by someone who really can't cook. But usually, extras are a good thing. 

They certainly are in cars, and they're even more so in ITBOOST.

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