Once upon a time, in a nearby, magical kingdom called ITBOOST -- we told you how to quickly find the contacts list of each of your clients.

You, the reader, were both thrilled and delighted to get such exciting information, and you lived happily ever after!

THE End!

. . . but wait! There's MORE to the story!

Did you know you can dive even deeper and get even more information on the contacts at your clients' businesses?

No, we're not talking personal stuff like eating habits and dating preferences.

We're talking more information that will help you . . . help them!

So, here's how we do it:

First, go to your client's contacts list. Here's how.

Now that you're here, give the domain of your choice a click. For this demo, we'll select Anthony Rodriguez. 

Wow, look at all this cool info on Anthony! And even MORE info is available, thanks to our old buddy, the Sidebar!

And look! All these neat buttons in the lower-right corner can help you, as well!

  • The Edit button lets you correct or update any outdated information

  • The Print button lets you quickly print the page with all the info

  • The Copy button allows you to copy the entire page to your clipboard 

  • The Delete button allows you to delete the contact altogether 

  • The Back button takes you back to the main Contacts page 

And now, with ALL the client's contact information, you really can live happily ever after . . . 

The (real) end!

Need some more help? Click here to head back to the knowledgebase for some more handy-dandy tips.

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