We asked you once before - what does it mean to be a hero?

In IT, we're often considered heroes when we are able to recover our clients' files they believe to have been lost to the ages.

Like Batman with his utility belt, we work much better with the proper tools. 

You know we have a Backup List, but did you know we also have a Backup Dashboard . . . ?

It's neat. You'll love it. People will be jealous.

We've already shown you the cool things the Main Navigation Bar can do. One of those options is Backups. Let's take a look, shall we?

First, in the Main Navigation Bar, click on the icon with the two servers stacked on top of each other. 

That's the one. Give it a click.

And behold . . . 

Everything your heart could desire in regards to the backups made of your clients' most precious treasure - Data!

No, not THAT Data. The other kind of data. Let's look at what we have here:

  • Backup Summary - a pie chart showing you the status of your current backups, including Failed Backups and Warnings, Deactivated Backups, Backups in Progress, Completed Backups, and the Total

  • Backup Status - Your metrics showing you percentages of Failed Backups and Warnings, Deactivated Backups, Backups in Progress, and Completed Backups

  • Top Servers by Used Space (GB) - A graph letting you know which servers are using the most space in gigabytes

All of these metrics are automatically updated, so you can review them in virtual real-time.

At the bottom is, for your convenience, a nice, comprehensive list of ALL the things you're backing up, complemented by a search field for each column! 

You'll find columns with info like:

  • Company Name

  • Device Name

  • Status

  • OS

  • Local Address

  • Remote Address

  • Backup Completed (%)

  • Last Completed Date

  • Last Backup Activity (how long ago)

  • Username 

All of this information helps you to be the hero you are destined to become.

You . . . are the hero IT deserves.

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