So, now we have to talk about that guy. 

(Okay, it could also be that lady, but it would sound weird to keep saying "that guy/lady," so we're just going to stick with the former for sanity purposes.)

We all know that guy.

That guy is the guy who has a temper. Always interrupts. Never understands your questions. Doesn't know the answers to your questions. Always complains about something. Takes forever to get back to you.

No one in the office wants to talk to that guy.   

Thankfully, however, there's usually someone else you and your people can talk to in the same company other than that guy. 

ITBOOST doesn't want you to have to talk to that guy. So we've made it easy to avoid him.

We showed you before how to get to your clients' Contacts List. And, that list is fairly comprehensive. 

But suppose you needed even MORE information on that contact? Hmm? 

Well. Give the contact's name a click, and see what happens. 

Welcome to Contact View!

FUN FACT: If there's a note written by one of your co-workers about this specific contact, it will immediately pop-up so it's the first thing you see when you come to this contact's view.

So if the contact you're looking up is that guy, you'll probably find out here.

This is where you'll have access to lots of info not provided on the list. You can quickly see things such as your contact's details and profile.

Like we said, every company has that guy. 

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