"Warning! Warning! Danger, Will Robinson!"

If you're a Lost In Space fan, you know one of "Robot's" main function was to keep young Will Robinson safe from danger.

Kind of in the same vein, ITBOOST has created something similar to keep you and your team safe.

Well, okay -- maybe not from danger, more from embarrassment or frustrated clients. But in this business, that's pretty valuable!

There may be a reason -- perhaps a very good one -- everyone on your team should know specific and immediate details about something they're pulling up. This could be anything from things in:

  • Company Dashboards

  • Contacts 

  • Locations

  • Configurations

  • Passwords

  • KBs (both Company and Global)

  • Domains

  • SSLs

  • All Custom Templates

ITBOOST gives you that ability to make sure the next person opening that item can be informed -- or even warned -- about something they need to know, thanks to the Quick Notes option.

Let's look at a quick scenario:

You get a call from Alex, a fellow who's worked at Frolic Fox Studios for many, many years, and -- well, he just seems to have a problem with technology.

Alex tells you his "computer has lost power again." After years of getting calls from Alex, you've figured out that Alex's PC has a loose power cable. (which, of course, he refuses to change)

Alex tends to forget about this, and so calls often when his battery runs out. You have to remind him to "push his power cable back in" to get it working again. 

But it took you hours on the phone with him to finally figure that out!

Because you don't want your team members to have to go through that with Alex every time he calls (assuming someone else picks up), you need to warn them in order to save them time, frustration, and possibly a temper tantrum when they discover how basic the problem is.

So, let's warn them!

1. On Frolic Fox's Company Dashboard, in the left menu, click Configuration.

2. Next, let's find Alex's machine and click on that.

Here we are. Now, see that sidebar on the right? Click it to expand it out!

And there's your Quick Notes section on Alex's PC! To add a new note, click the Add New button beneath it. Then, start writing!

From there, you can select a level of priority (Low, Medium, or High). 

Now, you see that toggle switch next to Show as Popup? That, my friends, allows you to mega-warn people!

If you click that toggle, that will make this note pop RIGHT UP anytime anyone else accesses Alex's PC configuration! 

FUN FACT: Remember to click the Disc icon to SAVE your notes any time you add one! Otherwise, you'll lose them!

So now anytime you open Alex's machine in ITBOOST, you'll get a pop-up with the quick note.

Utilizing these tools helps several good things happen:

  • Your team members don't waste time

  • Everyone's immediately informed of important specifics

  • Alex has one less thing to complain about

Besides helping team members with curmudgeons like Alex, these notes and popups are pretty darn handy for timed notifications, too!

For example, let's say you need to run maintenance on Frolic Fox's Exchange server. You schedule it out, but you set up a popups show for that specific day. That way, the engineers immediately know exactly what's going on!

To do so, click on the Quick Notes on the Company Dashboard.

Enter the information, then check the Show as popup box on the bottom. Then, just select the dates between when the popup message needs to show. Then, click Save.

FUN FACT: You can also make this an external note, so that when the End User logs into the portal, they can see this message, too.

Have an ISP contract, domain or warranty expiring? Use them here! They're awfully handy!

. . . and you don't even need a robot flailing its arms to warn you.

Need some more help? Click here to head back to the knowledgebase for some more handy-dandy tips. 

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