Was your mom . . . a labeler?

You know, labels on everything? "This goes here," "That goes there." Labels for your toothpaste, your lunchbox, your underwear . . . 

Um. Okay, maybe that last one was just us. But still.

We do have to admit: Mom was right! Labeling and sorting everything does help to keep things organized! And since Mom ran a tidy household, we here at ITBOOST like to give you tools to keep your knowledge base nice and tidy!

Did you know you can categorize to your heart's content?? We'll show you how!

First, let's look at how to do it for your documents. On the main navigation bar, click on Documentation (the book icon).

Welcome to your Global Knowledgebase List!

Here you may or may not see all your KB articles. If not, that means you just haven't added them yet. But assuming you do, we can start categorizing these documents into folders right now.

In the lower-right corner, click the Add New icon.

That brings us here:

Now, see those four colorful icons at the very top? They look like this:

Click the one on the right: the Hierarchy icon.

And here we are:

Here, you can click the drop-down arrows of each category to select your desired:

  • Parent Node

  • Child Node

  • Subchild Node

What? Don't have any? Not to worry! See those little Gear icons next to them? Create your nodes by clicking there!

Now, you can start creating!

Select any title, description, and even icon that you wish for your new folder.

Once it's created, you can make others, or just start dropping articles into it!

Back on your KB Articles List:

Click the Tree View icon.

This shows you all your folders AND articles! 

Now, you can either drag-and-drop each file into its intended folder individually, OR -- here's a neat little trick -- you can click the check boxes by them! Once you do so, a NEW icon appears at the top of the screen!

This is our Move Multiple Files icon!

Click that, and then click the dropdown arrow to select which folder you want them all moved into.

Click the Save button, aaaaaannnnndddd . . . 

You're done!

Isn't that pretty??

FUN FACT: While by default, the folder structure in the Global KB and Company (client's) KB is the same, you CAN create a different structure for either. Just go to  Toolkit>Advanced Settings>Global Knowledgebase Folder. Then toggle on either Global Knowledgebase (removes any existing Company structure under "Global Knowledgebase") or Company Knowledgebase (removes any existing Global structure under "Company Knowledgebase"). Then you can build it (or them) the way you like!

Thanks for the organization lessons, Mom!

Need some more help? Click here to head back to the knowledgebase for some more handy-dandy tips. 

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