In this business, one thing's for certain:

As soon as you start working on something, SOMETHING will come up to distract you from it.

Suppose you're trying to add an asset to one of the companies in your book of business. Suddenly, an emergency meeting is called.

But -- you're already halfway through adding the asset! What to do??

Save it as a draft!

Here's how:

We'll say you were adding a new Configuration.

The tools you need for this endeavor are the Saved Draft icon (the first one in the upper-right corner) and the Add New button. 

You started adding the new Configuration by clicking the "Add New" button.

But then, that dumb meeting gets called! 

No worries. See that Expand arrow next to the Save button?

Click it!

Click Save as Draft.

Now, you can return to your work any time you like by clicking the Saved Draft icon we mentioned above.

Now, if only there were a "Postpone Emergency Meeting" button . . . 

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