Well, there's really two answers to this:

The official, on-the-record answer is: "No, you can't and shouldn't. Customers are free to have a voice."

Buuuuutttt . . . the off-the-record answer is: "Yeah, you kinda can."

We understand there's the occasional unreasonable client who just can't be satisfied, and no matter what you do to make them happy, they're just determined to be miserable, and to take you down with them!

IF a client such as this were to leave you unwarranted, nasty feedback -- then yes, you can get rid of it. And here's how:

1. Click Feedback on the Main Navigation Bar.

2. On the Left Menu, click the Results tab.

3. Click on that mean, undeserved feedback, then click the Delete icon next to it.

Poof! Gone! Like it never happened. 

But . . . don't tell anyone we told you how to do this, huh?

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