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Essentially, your Runbook is a module designed for internal users to create and maintain structured documentation of their standard processes of performing their daily/regular tasks and routines. (e.g., how things are "run")

For example: If you had a document covering step-by-step instructions for installing Windows 10 on a PC, or how to configuration an email account in Outlook, that would go in your Runbook.

Buuuut . . . on the other haaaand . . . (Do we sound like Tevye from Fiddler on the Roof?) 

Your Knowledgebase (KB) is a module designed for internal and external users to create and maintain informative documentation designed to make things easier. 

In fact, you can share any article on any topic in your KB with Internal users, AND you can make it public to share with external users!

Now, sing along with us! "If I were a Rich Man-- bi-bi-bi, bi-bi-bi-bi . . . "

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