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Export Data in CSV and HTML

Export is a feature which allows you to export customized data - from selected companies to your entire account - to CSV. You can use it in another system, or as a backup.  

After initiating the Export function, you'll receive a confirmation email as soon as the export is ready for download, along with a generated download link. This will only be accessible to Admin users. 

Data Import Utility

The Data Import Utility lets you easily bring in records from outside sources. This import utility accepts a particular format of data which is compliant with ITGlue exports. 

The utility will automatically create relationships in areas such as Passwords, One-Way Tagging & Drop/Drill Downs, and Core and Custom Assets with absolutely no need for manual intervention.

Roles and Permissions

At ITBOOST, we recognize security is the most important part of any system. As such, ITBOOST v.3.0 has been designed with enough flexibility to grant the user the power to define a custom ruleset, which may be applied using any Company or Company Group, any functionality, and any access rights. 

In addition, these same rulesets can be applied to any user or Group of users. Going deeper, granular permissions will be available on Passwords, SSL, Domains, KB Articles, Runbooks, and Core and Custom Assets, allowing the user to define access rights down to the record level.

UI Enhancements

Our new and significantly improved design is supported by two different themes. In addition, we have made major improvements to the fonts, sizes, buttons, panels, shadows and animated interactions. 

The objective of this refreshed and recharged UI is to appeal to both existing and new audiences by updating our look, feel, and performance.

Revision History

The addition of Revision History is so valuable, it may be worth the entire subscription cost alone. With this tool, you may now go back and look at any previous version of the document, then, if you wish, restore it. 

In addition, you can now perform a side-by-side comparison with previous versions of KB articles, Runbooks, SSL, Domains, Passwords, Custom and Core Assets, and have the ability to restore them as you wish.

Performance Optimization

Performance adjustments have been made throughout ITBOOST in order to expedite application response time, as well as to handle unexpected behaviors within a large data-set.

Self-Service Trial

We have removed barriers on account registrations. This means your friends and associates may now enjoy full access to ITBOOST for a free 30-day trial period

No payment information or commitments will be required.

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