If you'd like to integrate a Feedback/Survey with ConnectWise, it's a pretty simple procedure. 

Here's how:

  1. Click Feedback on the Main Navigation Bar.

  2. In the Left Sidebar, click the Template Tab.

  3. Copy the Survey Email Snippet.
    FUN FACT: you can create your own Survey Template by clicking the Add New Template icon, if needed.

Okay! Now let's head over to ConnectWise!

  1. First, login to your CW account (duh . . . )

  2. In the Left Sidebar, click System. 

  3. Now what we want is Setup Tablets, then Service Boards.

  4. Finally, click Statuses.

Hey look! Email templates!

Here, you can choose to either:

  • Edit the Completed Ticket template¬†

  • Create your own template and workflow as per your requirements

Now, let's switch to Source View, and paste your ITBOOST Survey Email Snippet into the template.

At the bottom, click Save HTML Template.

That's it!

Now, all feedback will be stored within your ITBOOST account.

You deserve a reward for that job well done. Have a drink out of the water cooler.

On us.

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