While automatic syncing is a fantastic tool to have, it can cause some headaches if the data between syncs doesn't match.

Luckily, there's a way to make sure they do.

First, there is a chance that the company names in your RMM might not match the company names in your PSA. 

So, let’s take steps to bind the two together.

  • Go to the Mapping and Merging menu

  • Review to make sure the companies in RMM are matched and mapped with the companies in ITBOOST

  • If there is a blank field under RMM companies, click on the drop down and select the company that matches with the company in ITBOOST. If the drop down is empty, that means there are no companies to match or they did not sync over from the RMM.

That takes care of that one.

Next, let’s make sure the HUDs on the dashboards always show the correct data from the PSA.

  • On that same Mapping page, click the tab marked PSA Ticket Mapping ta

  • Map the PSA ticket statuses with the statuses listed in ITBOOST 

And that's it!

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