New Feature

  • Knowledgebase bulk HTML Files import has been made available. Now users can import bulk documents (HTML Format) in Global Knowledgebase.


  • Improvements has been made in our Domains Syncing and Storing mechanisms.

  • Domains and SSL expiration notifications has been improvements and made available for partners.

  • IT Glue Data import and all Integration are moved to a new sync mechanism.

Bug Fixes

  • Minor Bug fixations. 

  • On clicking automate icon on Configuration view page, user was redirected to the automate portal, all assets list. This has been modified, now user is re-directed to the company to which configuration belongs.

  • Companies with multiple types were not syncing.This issue has been resolved now.

  • Serial numbers of configurations were not appearing at view. This issue has been resolved.

  • Company list was not loading for some users. Loader keeps on spinning. This issue has been resolved.

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