Let suppose you're asked for creating a Bar Chart widget with your own criteria. Does it ring a bell . . . Not yet? 

Remember that we showed you Business Intelligence Dashboard. 

Yeah, that was awesome . . . 

But can I create a custom Widget there?
Well, the answer is a resounding YES! . . .  and, it's more simple than New York style cheese cake recipe, like most of the things on ITBOOST. Let's take a look with an example, shall we? 

In this example, you can simply create a Bar Chart Widget for showing "No. of Tickets Closed by Technicians"  


1.. Go to BI Dashboard and click at Gear (i.e. Cog) icon at the top right 

2. Click at icon "Create Widget"

3. Click at ConnectWise Manage Box

4. Click at Data Set Name

5. Click at + icon to create Custom Widget 

6. Setting up Widget Criteria: 

  • Select Widget Layout Type “Bar Chart”

  • Click at "Add Dimension" and Select “Owner Name”

  • Click at "Add Measure" and Select “No. of Records > Count”

  • Click at "Add Breakdown Dimension" and Select “Status Name”. (You can create a different variation of BarChart by just changing Breakdown Dimension to “Closed-by”) 

  • Optional: Apply Filters

7. Finally, hit “Save” button. All done. 

Not feeling lucky yet? Just have a look at exact settings for Bar chart widget "No. of Tickets Closed by Technicians" and give it a try straight away in your account creating very own first "Custom BI Widget".

Here's what you get as final result, isn't it handy? 

Now, you already know, you can dive even deeper and create more amazing custom widget with yours own criteria. 

This was designed to be fun to build, so -- have fun with it!

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