Need to learn how to install ITBOOST ConnectWise Control Extension into your ConnectWise control portal and configure it in ITBOOST? 

My friends, today is your lucky day. This just so HAPPENS to be the page where you learn how to do that very thing!

Luckily, it’s not hard. Let’s jump right into it!

First, we’ll need to install the ITBOOST ConnectWise Control Extension. Here’s what you do:

1   Start by logging into your ConnectWise control portal.

2. Next, let’s head to the Administration panel.

3. Now, what we’re looking for is called Extensions. Click on that.

4. Nice. Now, toward the top of the screen, you’ll see some underlined words. We want to click on Browse Online Extensions.

5. Here’s where we should find the ITBOOST Integration extension. Click on that and install it.

6. Hey, guess what you just did? Yep, you just added the ITBOOST Integration extension! Now, let’s use it!

7. Expand menu by clicking at your Avatar and go to "Generate API Token" for ITBOOST

7. Copy ITBOOST API Token 

7. Go back to ITBOOST Extension and navigate to "Options > Edit Settings"  

8. Submit  the Token in "Custom Field" and hit "Save Settings", That's it. 

FUN FACT: This extension won’t work at all unless it’s “Enabled”. It should be enabled by default, but you may want to make sure it is before proceeding. 

Now, let’s head back over to the ITBOOST Portal:

On the ScreenConnect Integrations Management screen, fill out all the correct information, once you have completed extension set up. 

Now, let’s enter that Server URL.

  • The Server URL is the ConnectWise Control (ScreenConnect) Portal URL. It will probably look something like this: (But don’t enter “domainname,” enter your actual domain name. You probably already knew that, but you never know.)

       If it doesn’t work, try it again without the :8040 at the end.

  • Enter the ITBOOST API Token same as you have entered on ITBOOST extension "Options > Edit Settings > Custom Field" that's in the Step-8 above 

  • The last thing we need to enter is the Default Group.

The Default Group is the collection of machines that has no filter applied inside the Access Channel of the ConnectWise Control portal. 

Normally, your Default Group will be All Machines by Company, All Machines, Default or Catch all. Make sure you get the capitalization right, as they’re case-sensitive.

BOOM! You’re in!

Do you want to secure your machines by Enforcing Individual Auth/Grouping? Refer to ConnectWise Control - Enforcing Individual Authentication

Any problems? Just let us know.

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