• Google had released a version (77.0.3865.120) of Chrome with high RAM utilization issue due to which many customers had faced performance issues with ITBOOST. We strongly recommend all the customers to please update your Chrome version to latest one (78.0.3904.70) to avoid such performance issues.

New Features

  • For better and seamless integration experience between ConnectWise Manage and ITBOOST, Deep Integration feature has rolled out. Through this feature, user will be able to configure and view the following widgets of ITBOOST in ConnectWise Manage Pods under Companies, Configurations and Contacts for respective Company/Asset:

  1. Favorite Assets

  2. Favorite Documents

  3. Assets Warranty

  4. Domain/SSL Expiry

  5. Contact/Configuration Linked Items

  6. Contact/Configuration Attachments

  7. Contact/Configuration Notes

  • For ease of user, quick ticket creation (in CW Manage) feature has rolled out. With this feature, User will be able to create new tickets in ConnectWise Manage from ITBOOST. Ticket creation button will available at following places:

  1. Configuration (Actions column, Add/Edit/View pages)

  2. Contact Actions column, Add/Edit/View pages)

  3. Ticket Details widget on Global dashboard

  4. Side PullĀ 


  • Changed Screenconnect with CW Control and LabTech with CW Automate at all the places in the app.

Bug Fixes

  • On Global Knowledgebase, Move button was not working in second attempt. This issue has been fixed now.

  • Configuration Types mapping was not editable for RMMs. Now, user can set the mapping for different configuration types coming from RMMs with ITBOOST's configuration types.

  • User menu was disturbing after doing Configuration Types mapping. This issue has been fixed now.

  • For all the Tickets specific widgets, "few seconds ago" status was appearing under Ticket Age column all the time while user has CW Manage integration. Now, correct age starts appearing.

  • User with non-admin role and read-only access to KB was unable to click favorite document from Favorite Documents Widget on Company Dashboard. This issue has been fixed now.

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