• Minimum licenses requirement for Premium plan under all the tiers has been updated from 3 to 5.

  • In Manage Subscription page, tiers name has been updated from "Monthly Contract" and "Yearly" to "Yearly Paid Monthly" and "Yearly Paid Annually" respectively.

  • Previously, it was not allowed to create Company Passwords with same name either creating manually or importing. For ease of user and batter usability, this check has been removed and you can create/import Company Passwords with same name. Please note that it'll not be allowed to create new Company Password with same Password Name, Password Type as well as User Name.

  • For the ease of users, Contact Dashboard button has been added in the Contact view mode.

  • Flow Session expiry/timeout has been updated. Now, after session timeout/expiry, user will be redirected to Login screen with session expiry message. If user will relogin then user will be redirected to same page where session was expired/timed out.

  • Session timeout has been changed from 24 hours to 48 hours in case of inactivity.

  • On Asset Expiry widget, only Asset Name was appearing. For better usability, Asset Type has been added with Asset Name. Now Asset Name will appear like AssetName (Asset Type). Same applies to Custom Template name and Custom Template Data name.

  • Refresh button has been added on Ticket Details (Company and Contact Dashboards) and Ticket Statistics (Company Dashboard) widgets to fetch new tickets details without refreshing the whole dashboard.

  • Improvements made in Organization Settings for uploading dark/light theme logo with white color.

Bug Fixes

  • Text highlighting feature was not working for Global Search. This issue has been fixed now.

  • For Asset Warranty and Domain/SSL Expiry widgets, donut charts were disappearing randomly and reappearing on relogin. This issue has been fixed now. 

  • Contact dashboard was not opening automatically if phone number contains space after country code [i.e. (123) 456-7890]. This issue has been fixed now.

  • On Items to Sync screen, check/uncheck item was not working properly. Moreover, all the entries under Boards were appearing unchecked after integration. This issue has been fixed now.

  • Tabs (i.e. Companies, Activity List) in side pull were resizing after adding My Favorite Companies widget. This issue has been fixed now.

  • On Contact dashboard, space was missing in the First and Last name under Contact Info section. This issue has been fixed now.

  • View was disturbing on adding Custom Template Data after Importing a Custom Template and adding in the User Menu. This issue has been fixed now.

  • On Configuration dashboard, Unit (GB/MB) for Total Space was not appearing. This issue has been fixed now.

  • On My Favorite Companies widget, text was not changing color on mouse hovering. This issue has been fixed now.

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