• Administrator level access to ITBOOST.

  • Ensure your users are provisioned in OneLogin, with exactly the same email address as their ITBOOST account. We don’t create user accounts under SSO.

  • Before turning this feature on, log in to ITBOOST twice - once in a regular browser window and once in a incognito/private window. This is to ensure that you are still logged in to your account if you get locked out of your account in the other window.

How to integrate OneLogin with ITBOOST

 1: Go to "Applications" in your OneLogin account

2: Click at "Add App" button

3: Search "SAML" and select "SAML Test Connector (IdP w/ attr w/ sign response)"

4: Click on save

 5:Go to Configuration 

6: Go to advance settings, open Login Method and select SSO. Copy Reply URL from ITBOOST

7: Paste this URL in 

  • Relay State

  • Audience

  • ACS (Consumer) URL Validator 

  • ACS (Consumer) URL 

  • Finally, click on "Save" button

8: Then go to SSO, and copy these URL's and Add them in ITBOOST

9: Go to view details and copy Certificate and paste in ITBOOST

10: Paste these URL's in ITBOOST and click on Save 

Fun Fact: Only those user can login in ITBOOST which exist in ITBOOST and OneLogin as well, having same E-mail id.

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