• In Custom Templates, new form components have been added for the ease of user. Now, user will be able to get Company Passwords, SSL and Knowledgebase articles list while creating new Custom Templates data by adding these new form components while designing a new Custom Template.   

  • On Company Dashboard, a new category named "Switch" has been added under Asset Statistics widget. Same category will also available in the right sidepull on opening of any company.  

  • In Configurations list, Site and Contact columns have been added for better usability.

Bug Fixes

  • On Data Import, folders under Company and Global Knowledgebase hierarchy were not creating properly. Also, Knowledgebase articles were not importing if more than 3 folders level defined. This issue has been fixed now.

  • Integration Preference check was malfunctioning. This issue has been fixed now.

  • On HUD Assets, Switches widget was not showing the respective data correctly, This issue has been fixed now.

  • New RMMs icon were not appearing in the Configurations list as well as on view page. This issue has been fixed now.

  • On Company Dashboard, company type was duplicating on Company Info widget. This issue has been fixed now. 

  • After data import, on custom templates, textbox field type was not converting to Editor type. This issue has been fixed now.

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