• In CW Automate, handling for MFA enabled user has been added. Now, you can integrate CW Automate with MFA enabled user. CW Automate incremental sync will keep working after every 24 hours without re-entering MFA Passcode.

  • Autotask PSA Integration functionality has been updated according to version 1.6. Now, it'll be required to create a new user having "API User" security level and re-integrate Autotask PSA.

  • Implementation for ConnectWise Manage v2020.1 has been updated and Companies syncing issue has been fixed. Now, it'll be required to update ConnectWise Manage integration to get the latest items.

Bug Fixes

  • In Company Passwords list, popover was not opening correctly after around 250 records. This issue has been fixed now.

  • In random cases, chart was not appearing in Ticket Statistics widget under Company dashboard. This issue has been fixed now.

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