Let's take a quick look at how to assign "Session Groups" for individual user in ITBOOST:

In ConnectWise Control, session groups organize long list of sessions into smaller, more manageable groups. Each session group has a name and a filter. If a session matches your filter, it's added to your group. Session groups are also dynamic; if you add another machine to your instance that matches a filter, that device is automatically added to your existing group. 

You can also assign these session groups to users in ITBOOST with option "Enforce Individual Group" which is used to manage session groups of users to give them easy access to machines.

1  Log in to ITBOOST.  (Need help? Click here!)

2. The top of your ITBOOST screen should look similar to this:

3. See that gear-shaped Toolkit icon next to your Avatar? Click that!

4. A dropdown menu will appear. 

5. Go to Sync Status and click at "Gear" icon in the action column again CW Control to open CW Control Group Settings

6. Expand "Group" dropdown to choose your desired group for each individual user or select none, if you don't want to give access of any session group and finally, hit "save". You're all done! 

FUN FACT: If you want a user not to have access for any group, you can select "none".  And if you want to allow all of your users to access any machine then you don't need to enable "Enforce Individual Group"

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