Bug Fixes

  • When user was searching for a company or any asset, global search result was also fetching the information of deleted companies and their assets. This issue has been fixed now. 

  • User added domain i.e. “example.com” and then added i.e. “xyz.example.com” which was adding the same domain “example.com” as duplicate record, moreover, deleting any one of the duplicate domain records was causing to delete both the records. This issue has been fixed now.

  • In the configuration record, the widgets on RMM dashboard were not showing any live information syncing from Automate and were completely blank. This issue has been fixed now. To get the changes, you need to goto the ConnectWise Automate Integration and resync it by entering the password again.

  • Notification emails or tickets about domain/SSL expiry were generating which were enlisted into deleted companies. This issue has been fixed now.


  • Link for Ticket portal from ITBoost has been updated.

  • Organization name will appear with the subject of all the emails which are generating from ITBoost.  

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