pick·le (ˈpik(ə)l)

  1. A difficult or messy situation. (informal slang)
    "I am in a pickle."
  2. A small cucumber preserved in vinegar, brine, or similar solution. 

No matter how many steps we may take on our end to make sure each and every experience you have with ITBOOST is a great one, you may find yourself in the occasional pickle. (The first definition above, obviously. The 2nd would just be weird.)

We're always here to help. Yep, that includes nights and weekends. And holidays. And 3am. We're ready to immediately address any problem you might have.

Well, unless you catch the fellow on-call having a quick lunch. Or helping someone else. Or in the bathroom. You get the idea.

See that talk bubble icon in the bottom-right corner? THAT is a Chat button. That means you don't even really have to wait for a reply email. We're right here, waiting for you to talk to us! And the folks on the other end are super-knowledgeable.  Just let us know what the issue is, and we'll get through it together.

Don't like the pressures of live chat? No problem. You can also reach us via email at support@itboost.com

Hopes this gets you out of your pickle.

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